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Development of cellulolytic enzymes for the production of ethanol

The project was developed in the R&D subsidiary of Abengoa Bioenergy and resulted a landmark in the development of renewable energy, both from the technological and the economical points of view. The target was the production of a cellulolytic cocktail [...]

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Production of yeasts for wineries

In order to supply inoculum of selected strains responsible of the specific character of different wines, in the company Biopolis S. L. we developed aerobic cultivation processes using industrial raw materials and an elaborated control of glucose feed to avoid [...]

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Technology Transfer, scale-up and start-up of the production of cephalosporin C

This project carried out in Bioferma Murcia S. A. started from a process partially deployed at pilot scale, with yields under 50% of the claimed in the description of the technology acquired. [...]

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Production of penicillin G

During the 80s and 90s, through projects funded by antibiotic producing companies such as DSM Gist-Brocades and Antibiotics SA, important advances were made in the knowledge of the molecular basis for the overproduction of penicillin G. [...]

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